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Andrew, 22 May 2012, No comments
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In a few weeks, we will be heading to Oregon to spend a week with students near Ashland and Crater Lake. The trip will be part of a course we call STEM Expeditions at New Albany High School. The course provides high school credit to students from 7th grade to 12th grade in Digital Photography and Geology.

We are teaching the course in a truly interdisciplinary fashion and wrapping those two core courses under an animal tracking program that will also provide certified tracking credentials for all of our participants.

I am involved in the course to add a 4th dimension to the learning process…technology. During the next two months of work, students will not only learn geology, photography and tracking, they will do it in a collaborative environment where they learn how to learn WITH technology.

Using Google Docs, Google Sites, Blogger, Skype and Schoology we have created a collaborative learning environment for all participants (instructors included…more on this to come.)

As we continue down this path, I will update this page as well as my New Albany Schools Blogger page.

Side note…I am actually pretty impressed with the new Blog features that Blogger provides.

During the first post, I review and test out Theodolite, an iPhone app that allows you to gather many different data points associated with the photo.

You can check out that post here –

So…here is my first photo with the app. It is not exactly what anyone would consider art, but is a good first test. More to come.



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