ISTE -1st day review

Andrew, 27 June 2011, No comments
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Things I learned last night and reflections this morning..

The last thing that Dr. Medina talked about last night was how crypto chrome effects sleeps patterns…I read on the iPad before going to bed and had no problems going to sleep..

The tower on Independence oHall is being renovated. The scaffold with a drawing was not the same!

The Liberty bell was fixed many times! I overheard someone saying that it was one of the first models of Americans poor workmanship that has continued for a long time. True?

Many of the sessions here at ISTE use many of the titles that have been presented for 15 years. The technologies have somewhat changed but the concepts are still pretty static. Many of them are still injecting technology into existing poor teaching pedagogy. Non-connected, irrelevant work for students will not produce better results, no matter how much technology you inject!

Almost everyone now has a personal learning device! Two years ago at ISTE, an iPod touch was rarely seen, as well as no laptops. This year, over 90% of all people are using something in this frost session.


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