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Kwasi Asare
US Department of Education

Epicurious.com – why don’t we have this for educators?

“it is the books that are disabled”…David Rose (CAST)

Technology Plan

    Goal 1.0 – Learning
    All learners will have engaging and empowering learning experiences.

      Goal 2.0 – Assessment
      System will leverage power of technology to measure what matters.

        Goal 3.0 – Teaching
        Educators will be supported by technology that connects them to data, content, resources, expertise and learning experiences.

          Goal 4.0 – Infrastructure
          All students will have access to the infrastructure when they need it.

            Goal 5.0 – Productivity
            We must redesign processes and structures to take advantage of the power of technology to improve learning outcomes.

            Research and development – grand challenge

            Tech plan executive summary @ http://www.ed.gov/technology/netp-2010/executive-summary

            Peter Sheahan

            Progressive car insurance

              Use technology to innovate.

                How can we completely reinvent insurance?
                If they would have paid all the claims, they would have saved money. Trust the customer! “Claims adjustment psychology”

                What can’t you live without? PEW research
                December 06 – no food


                Burning platform vs. Burning desire

                Rationality – consequential decsiion making

                  risk mitigation
                  Incentives – don’t need to be monetary


                Dental industry changed behavior

                  fear has no impact
                  Efficacy is mot important. If they thought they would change.

                  We must believe we can do it…
                  Hyundai – assurance – you can bring it back it you can’t pay for it.
                  100 people have returned it

                  Franziska Zellweger Moser – st. Glasser

                    pending tenure acts as a barrier – must lower risks
                    Intrinsic incentives are important. 20% time to take risks (3M)

                    Hewitt Trussville middle school

                    “We judge ourselves by our INTENT and we judge others by their IMPACT”

                    Stitching and story

                    Perceived quality – we must look back to to Collins

                    MIT – periodical team teaching days
                    Genentech- if you come and work for us, you will save lives, great story, but no stitching. Started bringing in patients.
                    United airlines vs. Southwest – we love bags!

                    Stanford exercise study – more effective if you have a computer reminder to exercise


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