Today’s Hike – Technology meets Nature

Andrew, 18 February 2012, No comments
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Yesterday, the boys and I decided to take a walk through the woods and fields surrounding our house. It was a great trip.

Today, Parker and I decided to expand the trip a little farther. Our goal was to make it to the creek! I decided to take along a little technology to help remember the trip.

Using a program called MapMyRide, I was able to keep some detailed statistics of the trip:

Description of this Walk

This is a 2.54 mi Walk in Alexandria, OH. The Walk has a total ascent of 118.11 ft and has a maximum elevation of 1,053.15 ft. The route was mapped by thinkmoore on 02/18/2012.



It also provides a map of the journey:









Using Photobucket, I was able to post a bunch of pictures from both trips:



Using Instagram, I was able to share the trip live with a few friends:























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