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Andrew, 20 August 2013, No comments
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As I get back in the swing of the classroom, I am beginning to get a handle on time management and working out ways to utilize technology to enhance what we are doing. At this point in the year, students are bringing a of their own technology and what is available right now in the building is limited.

My focus to this point has been mostly on communication and helping to build community within our classroom families. Daily posts to http://thinkmoorescience.blogspot.com are becoming more popular with nearly 100 page views today!

It is my hope that learners and their families will make it a daily ritual to catch up on what has happened in the classroom through the blog and be suprised occasionally with some “flipped classroom” opportunities.

Today, students filmed me performing a magic trick…

Scientific Observation

This should allow students to review the video multiple times, working on their observational skills as they attempt to figure out the coloring book puzzle.

We have also done some “flipping” by showing a couple of videos of the animal tracking devices we will be observing tomorrow. If learners watch, they will have a little better idea of what we will be doing tomorrow. Simple technologies that should make a difference.

Tracking box 1 - Meadow


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