ISTE first three hours

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Things I have learned already…

The flashlight app with strobe light is a good beacon to use when friends are looking for you in a crowded room!

The market under the Reading Terminal has great food! anything you want! I had Cajun on day one.

Philadelphia has lots of old buildings!

Every restaurant serves cheesesteaks!

Rosalyn Schanzer from is really nice!

I like traffic barrels as musical instruments more than I do as road decorations.

I am not sure why it is hard to focus on one screen when there are four in front of you showing the same thing.


Dr. John Medina

12 things we DO know about how the brain works.

Brain rules:

Every brain is wired differently than every other brain.

All of human learning takes place in the alleyways and boulevards of your brain.

He says you need to memorize an improvise off of it.
-a richly structured database
– ability to improvise off of it

A good teacher is one who can detect gaps in student learning

Theory of Mind

Understanding what is going on inside another’s mind

We need to judge a teachers theory of mind score to judge future applicants.

Can technology do this?
1 detect that the student is puzzled
2 determine where the gaps are
3 adapt a lesson that addresses the gap

Executive function is a great predictor of success. It is greatly enhanced by aerobic exercise!

Great book on the subject…



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