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Classroom Portal Continuum

This is a graphic that I created a long time ago to help teachers understand the power of providing resources for their learning community through a “classroom portal”. We first began using the term classroom portal back in 1998 as a metaphor to show that technology can provide a window into your classroom (Thank you Gary Sweitzer for your guidance way back then!)

They key to the graphic is that you can really provide 3 types of support into your classroom portal:

Basic Classroom Information:

This is the type of stuff that typically goes home in a backback or binder. By providing this type of information online, you actually increase the level of accountability from students as they are able to gather the information they need, when and where they need them. Many teachers speak about how they no longer have students coming to them saying:

“I lost my homework!” or “I was absent yesterday…do you have the worksheet?”

After the first week of school, student know that they can find that type of information on the website.

Some things that can be included in this section of your page include:

Extended Curriculum Resources

I believe we all agree that students learn at different paces and with various different styles. Providing alternative resources online allows learners to gain new information in a variety of manners through different media and through self guided time. Other opportunities can be provided that break done the normal walls and time constraints of the classroom environment. Some things that can be included are:

Online Learning

You can use a classroom portal in an online learning experience as well. From blended options where you also meet face to face, to completely online, your classroom portal can provide all the resources necessary to run your course.


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